Today I am eating all the things I won’t be able to have when I go back on my no refined sugar, no simple dairy, no wheat diet thing.


can’t tell if getting sick or allergies..

Will is sleeping on the couch with an apple pipe on his lap and I’m here like “I have so much fucking homework to do!”



Why do you have to listen to horrible and loud music at 3pm on a thursday?

Or ever?

lookin’ at stupid shit thinkin’ about how hungry i am and how much i’ve gotta do today

Some honest advertising. Maybe you’ll go further, probably not though.. buy our thing for the possibility.

Some honest advertising. Maybe you’ll go further, probably not though.. buy our thing for the possibility.

I have to take out my garbage… no.


Above is an excerpt from ‘Personhood’ by Lauren Zuniga, which can  be viewed here

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Senior seminar presentation is making me miss wolves. #passiveagressiverage

Senior seminar presentation is making me miss wolves. #passiveagressiverage




i’ve never been able to find this joke funny bc i don’t see what her point is. is she trying to say that eating vegetables is anti-humanitarian because of the immigrants who pick vegetables? because… we’re creating work for them? or because they’re treated badly?

the thing is, those of us who eat honey and milk products also eat vegetables, and besides, there’s also immigrants involved in the dairy part of agriculture afaik.

people who eat meat also eat honey, milk, AND vegetables and there’s immigrants at all levels of that.

not to be a Joke Ruiner but i just literally don’t get this joke. unless her point is that we should all grow our own food in our own backyards. maybe that’s it

The problem is the claim to moral superiority. I mean, I get the vegetarian argument, and I can kind of get the dairy industry argument, but HONEY? You are morally superior because you do not exploit bees (which aren’t exactly hurt physically by it, far as I know, unlike animals in mass-production meat and dairy industries)? Should the priority of whom not to exploit be skewed a bit more towards other target groups?

If a Vegan who otherwise does nothing to make the world a better place, aside of their diet, tells, say, a social worker who eats meat, honey, eggs and dairy that they are morally superior because of their “cruelty-free” eating habits, that’s a bit odd to me. If we assume the social worker is actually vegetarian, and only occasionally drinks a bit of honeyed milk,  and still the vegan claims superiority by proudly pointing out how they do not profit from bee-slavery… it becomes outright ridiculous, I’d say, which is where the joke comes in.

It’s not the best joke there ever was, I’ll give you that. And I know this joke is rather unfair to many Vegans, who are actually very self-aware and lovely people, because they are not all like that - but that’s true for all groups whose more obnoxious members become the butt of a joke.

Once you pick a single aspect of your life and use it to claim moral superiority over all fellow humans that don’t share that aspect, it’s a bit odd. Say, it would be possible (though I grant it might rarely happen) that someone would only buy local produce, maybe produce quite a bit of their food home-grown, and even though holding cows for milk, bees for honey and chicken for eggs, mayhaps even slaughtering one of these animals from time to time, still manages to come up “on top” by many people’s standards on morality because their food is produced without profiting off immigrant labour etc. Now imagine they’d even made their own clothes, or bought them and their non-self-produced groceries from fair trade sources, would they really be all that worse than a vegan?


So much for the long version. The short one, that probably is true for most people laughing at such jokes, is: They might well realise that their food is based on the cruel abuse of animals, but they are uncomfortable with that reality and thus mock those reminding them of it.

For me, it’s a mix of the two, I admit.

I agree with you about the honey thing, I really don’t get the logic behind that one. AFAIK dairy cows are actually treated some of the worst so I get the dairy thing (though I still fucking love dairy products lets-be-honest). I don’t know if this is relevant but just fyi I am not vegan myself. I’m not even really vegetarian because I eat fish. This topic just bothers me.

Maybe the reason I don’t get the joke is simply because I’ve ever ever met a vegan or vegetarian person who claimed to be superior. And I used to go to a lesbian social group - there were a fucking lot of vegetarians and vegans! In the joke she’s just describing someone say “I choose x diet because y makes me uncomfortable” and it bothers me that someone would find that mock-worthy because I don’t see how it’s acting morally superior at all to just state plainly why you made a choice. Especially because, in my personal experience, other people ask why. It actually reminds me somewhat bitterly of personal experiences where other people initiate conversation, ask why I don’t eat meat, I tell them quite simply (“I’m just not comfortable with factory farming” -me) and they get offended as if I’m mocking their life choices or being superior! If the question ever comes up I’m instead going to say I don’t want to talk about it, because clearly other people really don’t want to even though they bring it up themselves.

Anyway tl;dr maybe if I had actually met any uppity vegans I’d find the joke funny.

With regards to your last paragraph, I feel the same way as you. I don’t think “animal slavery” (lmao) is wrong but the cruelty aspect is - and if there were a farm that treated its workers and its animals alike well, and if I was filthy stinking rich and could buy food from that place and had a car to drive me there then I’d do it. I wouldn’t see somebody who does that as ‘worse’ than a vegan, I think it’s a lovely example that you’d need to have a buttload of money to achieve. However I somehow doubt the comedian in this gif lives that way so it still really rubs me the wrong way that she is mocking someone else’s efforts.

The monoculture farming industry is what is killing the bees sooooo………

I bought the underwear and bras, goodbye money.

Should I buy all of these good quality undergarments from VS while they are a halfway decent price even though it will be expensive, they will last me longer than these shitty forever21 underwear that are already getting holes after a few months…



seeing death as a viable option to not do assignments means the assignments are way too bullshitty for life.